home exchange house swap network

home exchange house swap network
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Why choose HomeLink?

homelink home exchange house swap Superior search engine.
We have the premiere search system on the Internet. In addition to conducting simple searches by clicking on maps, a user may add numerous search parameters. For more detailed searches, we offer the "Simple and Advanced" searches which permit a user to completely fine-tune a search. In all cases, the search results may be sorted according to the user's preference. By default, the resulting listings are sorted alphabetically by the nearest city but a user may also sort them by geography which is typically the Postal Code or by the last time they were updated which corresponds to the "Hot List" function.

homelink home exchange house swap Smaller percentage of USA listings.
Most home exchange organizations are top-heavy with listings in the USA which means a member in the USA has far more competition chasing fewer listings abroad. HomeLink's smaller percentage of USA listings make it much easier for residents of the USA to find an exchange in Europe or any other foreign country.

homelink home exchange house swap Breadth of our database.
Many organizations claim to have the largest number of listings but these databases are often comprised of free or old listings which are of little value other than to boost apparent numbers. HomeLink does not display stale listings and shows the member's expiration date in the bottom corner of every listing. Other databases contain listings which are other than home exchange. The HomeLink database is completely current with members who are seeking an exchange; while we do have a few rental listings the overwhelming majority are for home exchange.

homelink home exchange house swap Offices world-wide.
HomeLink has offices in major countries world-wide. If you do have a problem when on an exchange, you can call the local office all of which have English-speaking staff. They can't solve every problem but they certainly can give you very good advice and the advantage of local knowledge. Many web-based home exchange organizations do not even list a telephone number or mailing address.

homelink home exchange house swap Exchange cancellation Insurance.
HomeLink introduced trip cancellation insurance in the 1970's and has been offering this service continuously. If your exchange partner has to cancel at the last minute, HomeLink will first try to find a replacement exchange in the same location at the same time. If we can't find a replacement, the suscriber goes ahead with the trip and receives compensation for accommodation expenses.

homelink home exchange house swap Server-based messaging system.
HomeLink has created an entirely web-based system which allows members to contact each other without relying on conventional emails which are often intercepted by spam-blocking systems. This system also provides complete privacy for your email address and allows you to check your messages from anywhere in the world using a web-browser. All messages are threaded so you can readily see a complete history of your communication with another member.

homelink home exchange house swap On line home exchange agreement form.
HomeLink has an on-line interactive exchange agreement form which allows the exchanging parties to firm up the details of the exchange and electronically sign the agreement.

homelink home exchange house swap Languages.
The HomeLink web site is presented in the language of the viewer. Currently we employ all the major European languages in addition to Chinese, Turkish and other lesser known European languages.

homelink home exchange house swap Discussion Forum.
A lively discussion forum is available to members which includes advice refined over decades of use and embraces topics such as car insurance, preparing your home, etc.

homelink home exchange house swap Experience.
HomeLink has been in business continuously for over fifty years serving the home exchange community.