home exchange house swap network

home exchange house swap network
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What our members are saying

homelink home exchange house swap "We want, first of all sent to you our CONGRATULATIONS! Because these home exchange works, to be honest we pay in some others companies of these type, and the one that works better is yours. " Alejandro H.

homelink home exchange house swap "I just signed up for HomeLink yesterday, received my member number and password this morning, received three lovely exchange offers today, and made one exchange offer myself -- which was accepted, and we're working out those details. All within 24 hours! I am impressed and very happy." Linda B.

homelink home exchange house swap "I would also like to let you know how happy we have been with HomeLink. We first started with Home Exchange with very poor results. Since we joined your service we have had a constant stream of inquiries. We have exchanges set for Paris in July, London in September, plus Stuttgart and the South of Spain next year. This is great. " Jim G.

homelink home exchange house swap "Within about 12 hours of registering we got the perfect swap" Susan S.

homelink home exchange house swap "I finally got the exchange we want after four months of trying. Hurray for homelink!" Susan L. (note: Susan joined HomeLink just seven days prior to sending the email)

homelink home exchange house swap "We just returned from a 14-week trip involving 3 consecutive home exchanges in England and France. Sure love home exchanging! Thank you Bobbi & Gene K."

homelink home exchange house swap "I am happy to report that we have recently returned from a 2 month fabulous home exchange in Spain and Italy. This makes for 5 wonderful long term vacations thanks to Homelink. After observing my brother-in-law's success, we were hooked. All of our friends are envious. The Homelink organization is great! Rhonda A."

homelink home exchange house swap "Thank you for a well-organized site and a wonderful service provided. We had tried a different home exchange site before and yours was easier to cross-reference, look for exactly what we wanted and had a broader base of users so that it was no problem matching up with what we were looking for. We just returned from a great 5 week holiday in Great Britain where we did two separate exchanges. Both families and houses were terrific and it is definitely the only way to go with kids in tow. Tristen T"

homelink home exchange house swap "I am so excited about HomeLink. We have arranged an exchange for a month in Italy beginning next week. It's a trip I've been dreaming of for about 10 years and could never have done without your organization. Everyone I've corresponded with or met through HomeLink so far is someone I'd be proud to call a friend and feel enriched by knowing. Thank you for your great service. Penny M."

homelink home exchange house swap "Just came back from my first home swap ever - me in France, them in Santa Monica - and it worked wonderfully. we had the best time.  I've been telling all my friends about your organization.   Thanks for all your work and for setting up HomeLink.   Sharon W."

homelink home exchange house swap "This is a great program. We have met some great people & had marvellous holidays. Eugene & Mary R."

homelink home exchange house swap "We've just returned from a very successful exchange in Scotland and look forward to our next one scheduled for December. John E"

homelink home exchange house swap "We just came back from a magnificent month in Paris. Our exchangers were exceptional, they were the most considerate people. They replaced everything they had used in our place, including salt!! Olga B"

homelink home exchange house swap "Karol and I had a wonderful swap with people in Redondo Beach, CA, for our honeymoon in June and we are going to have a swap with people in Yorkshire, England the end of September. Thank you Richard W"